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Birmingham Weekend

Friday (March 1, 2002) afternoon we started our journey for Birmingham, Alabama to spend the weekend. The six members team was: Jenna (Florida), Nashua (New Hampshire), Andrew (England), Helga (Germany), Cristi (South Dakota) and me. "Captain Cap" (Jenna, because she was wearing a nice cap) drove and led us to our destination.

After four and a half hours driving we reached " Mary's House" which is a shelter for homeless people & families and is coordinated by "Catholic Workers" In the evening we met with Shelley D. (principle & coordinator of the house), Jim D. (an author), Father Anthony and some other nice people. That evening was a "Mass" for reopening ceremony of Mary's House. It was my first experience of Mass. We enjoyed sharing our views with them. Especially our peace clown Nashua (he always wear a clown red nose as a part of his peace movement which is his goal for the rest of his life) gave a nose to Father Anthony He did wear it right a way and Nash took his picture (actually taking pictures of different people with the peace nose is another part of his movement).

Saturday morning after breakfast we started to help Shelley on some cleaning and arranging in the house. It was a great team- sprit to work for such a noble reason. During lunch (food was brought from KFC) it was nice to talk and say goodbye to Barbie and Kati (the two sisters who were also working with us.)

Saturday evening we joined with some peace loving people at "5 points" near the Alabama University. It was to cancel the sanctions against Iraq. Jim and Shelley have visited Iraq few times and saw the suffering of the people over there for the sanctions.

Sunday morning we went to a Catholic Church for worship. After that we visited the Birmingham Art Museum and the Civil Rights Museum. It was a great opportunity to be able to visit those places. Finally when we came back to our loving Koinonia Campus it was ten at night.

"Love can be defined as the Inborn, Fundamental and Natural demand of human life"

" Love and Friendship are the gifts from God. We can't measure their spiritual power and ignore them."



Koinonia is a Christian farm community founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan,
author of the Cotton Patch Gospels. Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity

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